4WD Parts in Sydney

Introducing Our Broad Range of 4WD Parts in Sydney

We started BushSkinz 4x4 in 2008 with a mission to provide off-roading enthusiasts with quality 4WD parts in Sydney that would protect their vehicle’s underbody when driving in harsh terrains. Now, we have dealerships across the country, and we source suspension kits and other quality equipment from some of the world’s leading brands. Keep reading below to learn more about the problems our solutions can help prevent.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding 4WD Suspension Lift Kits in Sydney

If you want to install your new suspension kit correctly, you should leave the task to a professional. However, if you’d prefer to handle the task DIY-style, avoid making the following mistakes:
  • Using the wrong tools: Some people use an impact driver to remove and install suspension kits, but this tool can damage the shock absorbers and lead to a noisy driving experience. You may also accidentally loosen the piston rod, which can be hazardous. You need to use the most suitable tool for your particular suspension kit and vehicle. If you need advice, call us or visit one of our highly trained technicians. 
  • Tightening shock absorbers incorrectly: You shouldn’t tighten your new shock absorbers while your 4x4 is on the lifting platform. Only parts such as clamps need securing before you lower your vehicle, but your 4x4 should be on the ground when you tighten the shock absorbers in rubber suspensions and the struts.
  • Incorrect tightening torques: One of the most common mistakes we see is suspension components tightened with either too little or too much torque, which can cause damage to other elements of your vehicle while ruining your driving experience. Again, we recommend visiting a professional to tighten the torque of your suspension accurately.

Problems 4WD Side Steps in Sydney Addresses

Here are three issues that our solutions resolve:
  • Challenging access: SUVs, trucks and 4x4s are tall vehicles, which can make getting in and out of them challenging, especially for children and motorists with mobility issues. Our side steps make it straightforward to enter and exit your 4WD without having to do too much bending or place too much strain on your knees.
  • Damage to your vehicle’s underside: Coupled with a suspension kit, side steps can prevent loose debris from causing damage to the components and equipment located underneath your 4x4, enabling you to traverse harsher terrains than ever before without having to worry about your vehicle’s condition.
  • Impacts from rocks and road debris: Side steps protect your doors, windows and side panels from loose items, debris and stones that you can encounter on the road and in the outback. Such a small investment could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.
Why BushSkinz 4x4 Is Cost-Effective
Because we only source and develop 4WD equipment in Sydney that guarantees to last – and cover them with exceptional warranties – we believe we’re the most competitively priced supplier of suspension kits and side steps in Australia. If you want to learn more about our products or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us.