About Us

It all started with Kieron and his knack for breaking something while on “some track, somewhere” (the joys of living so close to the Watagan NP). We have often found ourselves stuck, cold and wondering how and when we will make it home. It wasn’t long before Kieron realized the need for substantial protection for the underbody of his lil’ Paj. So Bushskinz was born. Being a very active member in online communities, he wanted to share his new product with fellow 4WD owners as he felt that everyone that is passionate about 4WD’ing should be able to venture out into the unknown without having to worry about what very important component just slammed into that rock or that stump.

Since then, the business has grown and we now offer some of the best and biggest names in suspension and 4x4 equipment. We have had the honor of meeting many wonderful people and have had the chance to travel and explore many new places and to us that is what 4x4ing is all about.