4WD Suspension Lift Kits Gold Coast

Find the Right 4WD Suspension Lift Kits in Gold Coast

When it comes to finding high-quality 4WD suspension lift kits in Gold Coast, you can put your trust in BushSkinz 4x4. For more than a decade, we have been helping 4x4 enthusiasts improve ground clearance, suspension and underbody protection for their vehicles. With our help, you can turn your favourite 4x4 vehicle into something that can handle deserts, beaches, rocky patches, creek crossings and more.

The Importance of 4WD Suspension Lift Kits in Gold Coast

If you are relatively new to the world of four-wheel off-roading, you might be wondering precisely which parts you need to get started. Specifically, as you shop for 4WD parts in Gold Coast, should a suspension lift kit be on your shopping list? Here are a few reasons that a suspension kit is necessary for the 4x4 experience:
  • It raises your entire vehicle off the ground: One thing that a suspension lift kit will allow you to do is raise your entire vehicle off the ground. This process significantly increases ground clearance, which can reduce your risk of bottoming out when you are off-roading. The increased ground clearance can also give you a better, smoother ride on rough terrain.
  • It enables you to put larger wheels and tyres on your vehicle: Most off-roaders who install suspension lift kits do so to allow for the installation of larger wheels or tyres. Bigger, meatier tyres give you more traction on rough terrain, reducing your risk of getting stuck out on the trails. More substantial tyres are also typically more durable—something you are going to need for heavy-duty off-roading.
  • It provides everything you need: Buying 4WD suspension lift kits in Gold Coast is smart because they give you everything you need to upgrade your vehicle for off-roading. Depending on the kit you purchase, you will likely get shocks, leaf springs, coil springs, rear shackles, relocation brackets for brake lines and more. It is much more convenient to buy a suspension lift kit meant for your make or model of vehicle than it is to seek out the necessary components individually.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding 4WD Suspension Lift Kits in Gold Coast

If you are thinking about lifting the suspension on your 4WD vehicle, be careful to avoid these common pitfalls and mistakes that tend to accompany this kind of upgrade:
  • Buying the wrong type of kit: At BushSkinz 4x4, we’ve been careful to build an intuitive website that separates different parts, kits and other products into separate pages for various makes and models of vehicles. If you don’t see a suspension lift kit for your make and model of 4x4 on our website, ask us for recommendations on the best strategies for your vehicle.
  • Not installing side steps: If you’re raising the suspension and ground clearance of your vehicle, you’ll need side steps to make sure you can still climb up into it. Luckily, BushSkinz 4x4 also carries 4WD side steps in Gold Coast.
Finally, if your goal is to have larger tyres, make sure you can fit the tyre you have in mind without causing friction or steering problems. Speaking with an automotive professional on this subject is always advisable.
Why You Should Use BushSkinz 4x4
Whether you are looking for side steps, 4WD suspension lift kits or other 4WD parts in Gold Coast, BushSkinz 4x4 can help. We are 4x4 enthusiasts just like you, which means we will go out of our way to help you find the right parts and components. Contact us today to learn more.