Dobinsons 35mm raised rear leaf springs. (Sold individually)

  • Comfort duty - 4+2 leaves with a 200kg reduced load carrying capability.
  • Light duty - 4+3 leaves.
  • Medium duty - 45mm raised height with 5+2 leaves and a 150kg load carrying capability.

Dobinsons Leaf Springs Feature:

  • Quality Control

Stringent quality control procedures for Heat Treatment (Tempering) processes at all phases of the manufacturing processes ensures Dobinsons Springs are made the same exceptional way every time.

  • Design Characteristics

All leaf lengths are designed and calculated to achieve High Performance spring. Inappropriate leaf lengths will concentrate stress in one particular area and will cause premature sagging or breaking.

  • Drawn, Tapered and Diamond Cut Leaves

To assist in Load Distribution and reduce Inter Leaf Friction which occurs at the end of the leaves.

  • Military Wrapper

Where possible, a Military Wrapper is used as a safety mechanism to aid the vehicle’s steering in the case of the main leaf breaking.

  • Scrag Testing

Scragging is a process where the spring is load tested to 90% of the Yield Stress of the material used. This process helps to relieve and prevent

  • Inter Leaf Anti-Friction Liners

Reduce friction at the tip of the leaves where the Load is greatest in the spring.

Brand Dobinsons

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