Side Steps in Sydney

Finding the Right 4x4 Side Steps in Sydney, Made Easy

When it feels like you have to summit Everest to make it into the driver's seat, purchasing a pair of sturdy side steps in Sydney is the smart choice to make. When you want to add steps to your vehicle, such as your beloved Mitsubishi Pajero, which kit should you use? At BushSkinz 4x4, we've developed the ideal solution—and we offer much more to help you enjoy your 4x4 experience.

Related Services We Provide Alongside Side Steps in Sydney

Along with our made-to-order side steps, we provide you with access to other important products such as:
  • Underbody protection kits. This area is where we got our start after noticing that our vehicles were simply too vulnerable when things got rough. Protect the vital equipment in the undercarriage of your vehicle with protection kits. Featuring innovative designs and robust materials, these kits allow you to save yourself the frustration of long afternoons spent stuck fast. 
  • Recovery points. Speaking of getting stuck—it happens to the best of us, and when it does, a safe way to free the vehicle is an essential resource to have at your disposal. We provide recovery point options suitable for many vehicles, including Ford and Mazda models. When you get bogged down, know that you have an option on hand for freeing your vehicle more easily. 
  • Suspension lift kits. True off-road performance happens when you can always keep your tyres on the ground—and your vehicle needs to clear a bigger wheel if it's going to do that. We have kits from leading manufacturers ready for your modification projects. 

Common Mistakes People Make with Suspension Lift Kits in Sydney

Maybe you'll need side steps later, but first comes the lift job. Be careful to avoid these errors as you evaluate your choices:
  • Missing the opportunity to choose a lift kit specifically designed for your vehicle's make and model. While there are "generic" lift kits out there, they may not yield the same level of performance or longevity that you want. Rely instead on a kit purpose-built for your vehicle. Not only will it make installation easier, but it will also enhance your confidence in its functionality. 
  • Failing to consider how to appropriately balance lift and performance. Do you just want to achieve height for better tyres, or is the type of ride that you experience more important to you? At BushSkinx 4x4, we can help you navigate to the answers. 
  • Not taking into account what the vehicle can handle in real-world conditions. Just because you can achieve the right amount of clearance for huge tyres doesn't necessarily mean you should opt for those lift kits. Can your vehicle handle those tyres? Find out first. 
Still not sure what to do next? Give us a ring and ask—we're ready to help. 
About BushSkinz 4x4
Founded in 2008 after identifying a gap in the 4x4 market, BushSkinz 4x4 is a passion project that transformed into a business that now provides fellow 4x4 lovers with direct access to vital basics and high-quality aftermarket modifications for off-roading. With a company backed by our own experiences behind the wheel, we love engaging with the community and helping customers to find the perfect products. To find out more, contact us.