Side Steps Townsville

Add Accessibility to Your 4WD with Side Steps in Townsville

If you’re looking to invest in a suspension lift, you mustn’t forget to install side steps in Townsville. There are many reasons off-roading enthusiasts tend to install both these items together - they offer complementary benefits that drastically improve the performance of your 4x4. Read below to learn more about the advantages of BushSkinz 4x4’s custom-fabricated truck modifications.

Benefits of BushSkinz 4x4 

When you purchase from BushSkinz 4x4, there are several things you can expect:
  • A competent, knowledgeable team with real experience in the bush. We take safety and performance seriously when it comes to 4x4’s, so we work diligently to improve on old designs for side steps and suspension lift kits.
  • Custom-made accessories that are perfect for your vehicle. We fabricate our own equipment (like side steps) so that you receive a modification that works exactly the way it’s intended. Due to this, we don’t always have the accessories in stock for every make and model of 4x4 truck, so there may be a wait time as we fabricate your side steps to order.
  • An extensive collection of modifications and accessory kits for your selection. Every item that comes out of our workshop is carefully and intelligently designed to serve a specific purpose. Since we’re always learning more, there are consistently more products available as the years go on.

What Sets BushSkinz 4x4 Apart Regarding Side Steps in Townsville

While we’re not the only company that manufactures 4x4 accessories, we stand out from the crowd in several ways:
  • Quality – We insist on using the strongest materials that are best-suited to the job. We place the right accessory over the best-looking accessory every time, but when your wheels hit the mud and everything gets coated, you’ll be thankful you have the sturdiest materials to get you through anything the Australian bush throws your way.
  • Flexibility – Our team is not only willing to work with you to develop a new solution to your issue, we’re excited by the opportunity. We look at these challenges as ways that we can improve on our craft. Besides, creative solutions for our customers can easily inspire similar additions to our own trucks!
  • Australian-Made – Every product we produce is born from the same Australian mindset that drove us to hit the trails in the bush far from Townsville. They’re all designed and tested in the same setting you’ll use them in, and when you buy from us, you’re supporting your fellow Australians and offroaders.
We know you’ll be happy with the options and results you get when you buy from BushSkinz 4x4.

Why Trust BushSkinz 4x4 Regarding Suspension Lift Kits in Townsville

We’ve been producing quality suspension lift kits and side steps for over a decade, and we’ve been using them on our own trucks for years before that. BushSkinz 4x4 offers the perfect blend of knowledge and enthusiasm. This combination ensures you’ll receive the highest-quality solution to any issues that you need accessories or modifications to resolve. Contact us to learn more or to start the process of developing a custom solution for your needs.