Suspension Lift Kits in Brisbane

Quality Suspension Lift Kits in Brisbane for All Makes of 4x4

At BushSkinz 4x4, we develop and source a broad range of suspension lifts kits for Brisbane off-roading enthusiasts, and we have parts for all vehicles regardless of their make, model and age. Below, we discuss a few reasons why we’re a reliable company from which to purchase 4WD parts. We’ll also provide some useful pointers on how to keep your suspension and side steps in full working order for as long as possible.

What Sets BushSkinz 4x4 Apart Regarding Side Steps in Brisbane

We stand out from other companies in our industry for reasons including:
  • We stock products for all 4x4 manufacturers: We consider ourselves to be the go-to supplier of side steps and suspension kits for all 4WD vehicles. Just some of the manufacturers we have parts for include Holden, Isuzu, Ford, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota. Call us to discuss the make and model of your 4x4, and we’ll tell you what products we have available.
  • We continually invest in upgrading and developing our products: We settle for nothing but the best quality solutions on the market for our clients. In addition to developing suspension kits and side steps – which we started doing over a decade ago due to our love of off-roading – we stock parts from leading brands such as Bilstein, Fox Shocks, Koni, Lovells and more.
  • We can dispatch side steps and suspension kits to any Australian location: Even though our store is in Canberra, we have dealers in every Australian state, and we’re happy to deliver our products to any location for a cost-effective price. Learn more about our guaranteed delivery service by calling our professionals.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Side Steps in Brisbane

Here’s how you can extract the maximum benefit from our products while saving a few dollars in the process:
  • Polish them once a year: In addition to washing your 4x4 frequently to ensure it retains its near-new appearance, you might want to consider polishing your side steps annually to prevent build-ups of dust and grime ruining their aesthetics. Polishing can also prevent rust from diminishing the quality of our products.
  • Consider protecting them by lifting your vehicle: Your side steps add a barrier between your doors and loose debris and rocks, but they may not be able to prevent the underside of your 4x4 from sustaining damage when you’re driving over harsh terrain. For that reason, you might want to complement your side steps with the addition of a suspension kit.
  • Stay on top of maintenance: As with all vehicles, 4x4s require routine maintenance and servicing. You should have your 4WD serviced annually at the minimum, though if you frequently drive in harsh conditions, you might want to consider taking it to a mechanic every six months.
Why BushSkinz 4x4 Is Cost-Effective
At BushSkinz 4x4, we settle for nothing but the best for our customers, which is why we only stock parts such as side steps and suspension kits that have our seal of approval. We love off-roading just as much as you do, and we continually upgrade our inventory to remain at the forefront of our industry. If you require any further information or need advice, contact our professionals.