Suspension Lift Kits Melbourne

Armour Up for the Bush with Suspension Lift Kits in Melbourne

Keep your 4WD in peak running condition with suspension lift kits in Melbourne. If you’ve spent time exploring the bush, you know what it’s like to be out on the tracks and hear the thump of something hitting your underbody. Or worse, hearing the thump of something falling off your underbody. We’ve been there and that’s why we make vehicle protection that’ll keep you moving in the country, far from Melbourne.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Side Steps in Melbourne

Side steps are the perfect companion to suspension lift kits. When searching for these, avoid several common errors:
  • Many side steps are composed of a single pipe, meaning they look strong but leaving something lacking when it comes to stability. Our side steps use a second pipe to minimise structure issues and add strength.
  • Generic side steps frequently use rivets to adhere to the 4x4’s undercarriage. These can come loose, especially for those who push their vehicle to the limit. Ours instead use thick cross-braces to firmly attach the checker plate.
  • People sometimes assume that they can pick up the perfect side steps off the shelf and be ready to go. The prefabricated options tend to lack the added protection and support you’ll find with BushSkinz, so be ready for a 2-3 week fabrication time in case we need to custom-design your side steps to make them suited to you.
These errors aren’t restricted to side steps; bear them in mind as you review our suspension lifts and accessories, as we hold to the highest standards of quality and function.

The Importance of Suspension Lift Kits in Melbourne

Suspension lift kits keep your vehicle moving by fulfilling several roles at once:
  • The kits raise your undercarriage off the ground, minimising the impacts of logs, rocks and other detritus you’ll find in the bush.
  • The additional space provided by the kits lets you add extra armour, further protecting your suspension. Protected by side steps and other additions, the valuable components that run beneath and throughout your 4WD are kept safe.
  • Drastically improve your truck’s handling with a raised centre of gravity that gives you more control. Climb steeper hills and rough terrain while you make tighter turns than before.
Why Trust BushSkinz 4x4 Regarding Side Steps in Melbourne
There are many options for 4x4 accessories and upgrades out there, so why trust us? There are two major reasons we stand out from the crowd: years of personal experience in the bush and an unyielding commitment to what works over what looks good.
We were founded more than a decade ago by off-roading enthusiasts who were tired of damaged parts interrupting the fun. We found what works through repeated trial and error so that today we offer finely-tuned, custom-made equipment that protects your truck exactly where it needs the protection. Contact us to learn more about our suspension lifts, undercarriage armour, side steps and more.