Suspension Lift Kits in Perth

Modifying Your 4x4 with Suspension Lift Kits in Perth

Whether you're just starting out or a veteran of driving 4x4 vehicles, finding the right suspension lift kits in Perth is an essential step for going off-road. With so much jargon and so many options out there, how can you be sure that you're making the right investments? At BushSkinz 4x4, we're ready to help you answer that question. 

Tips Regarding Suspension Lift Kits in Perth

Consider the following helpful pointers before making a purchase.
  • Don't rush into any decisions—take your time and make certain that you understand which lift kits will yield the right level of performance and height adjustment for your make and model. Modifying the suspension is a common but involved process. Don't make any changes until you're sure that they're the right ones. 
  • Consider the type of performance that you want to experience after completing the installation. Are you looking for more of an imposing visual appearance, or do you need extra space for the heavy-duty tires that will let you tackle the toughest terrain? The kit you choose should enable you to strike the right balance between performance and outer appeal.
  • Explore tinkering clearance and performance with ride quality. Modifying the suspension necessarily changes some of the vehicle's handling characteristics along with the passenger experience. Using quality parts helps, including kits with parts from both Bilstein and Climax, but it never hurts to tap into a pro's opinion to better understand what you should expect. 

The Benefits of Purchasing Side Steps from BushSkinz 4x4

Lifting your vehicle offers better performance but can make getting in a little more challenging. We can help in this area, too, with side steps that feature: 
  • Made-to-order quality. We fabricate the steps ourselves to have total control over their quality. We know that this hardware needs to stand up to repeated, heavy use, so we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that we produce a high-quality step system. 
  • A double pipe construction that contrasts with the traditional way of making side steps. Engineered to provide better stability and strength while closing off potential infiltration points for mud, water, and debris, we produce our steps to guard against corrosion while reinforcing the design.
  • Easy and pain-free installation. Our side steps rely on the factory mounts already present on your vehicle, so attaching them is fast and simple. We even include special high tensile bolts for the installation process, ensuring that they can stand up to tough conditions that can cause stock bolts to fail. The result is a very strong and sturdy step that makes ingress and egress far easier.
Why Choose BushSkinz 4x4?
For more than ten years, we've worked hard to provide our fellow four-wheel drivers with the resources that they need to have an easier time enjoying their hobby. We don't just sell the experience—we do it, too. When the trails get tough, we know what works and what doesn't. Explore our products now, or get in touch today for friendly answers to all your questions